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Has the paint on your home or business begun to crack and fade? Experts recommend that you repaint a home’s exterior every four to fifteen years, depending on the paint’s quality. The same applies to the paint at a church, school or business.

If you require commercial or residential painting services call Brisbane & Gold Coast Building Repairs. Whether we’re painting one room or an entire building, we paint quickly while still meeting the high-quality standards you expect. Ask us about our affordable painting prices!

Precise Paintjobs

When you want to ensure that you get a uniform, professional-looking paintjob for your home or business, rely on Brisbane & Gold Coats Building Repairs. We've been providing residential painting services to the Brisbane area since 1973, so we know what techniques to use to give you a flawless paint job that will improve the look of your building.

Inexperienced painters often create messy edges, uneven coats, drips and a finish that won't last long. If you need to paint over wallpaper, the process is even more complicated and can result in peeling wallpaper if the right techniques aren't used. Instead of risking a paint job that looks bad and won't last long, let our team of professionals help you out.

Old-Fashioned Customer Service

Beyond helping you select the right colour, texture and finish to match your home or business décor, we also do all the clean-up afterwards. Painting is a messy job, but when you hire us, we'll leave your property looking cleaner than when we arrived.

At Brisbane & Gold Coast Building Repairs, we seek out only the best talent and hardest-working professionals to ensure our high standards are maintained. Our company places a strong emphasis on efficiency, high quality work and cleanliness. We also carefully vet our employees to ensure they are trustworthy and can be relied on to treat you and your property with respect.

Diverse Experience

Over the decades, we've had the opportunity to provide residential and commercial painting services to a variety of clients so we can handle any kind of job. No matter how big or tall your building is, we have the equipment necessary to paint it.

Here are just a few of the buildings we've painted:

  • Stores
  • Schools
  • Restaurants and diners
  • Offices
  • Hotels and motels
  • Hospitals
  • Flats
  • Factories
  • Churches
If you want to know more about our experience, please feel free to give us a call. We're happy to discuss our past work and qualifications with you.

Call Our Qualified Company

You can count on our licensed team to complete your painting job in a short time frame to cause minimum disruption to your life. Plus, our trained members have years of training and experience and are held to the highest of workmanship standards. They are also trained to arrive right on time and to treat customers with a positive attitude and the utmost respect.

Call us today on 07 3279 1841 to ask questions about your building or to schedule an appointment. We offer free on-site inspections and free quotes for commercial or residential painting services in Brisbane & the Gold Coast.

Our experts can do both commercial and residential projects

From our customers

‘Thank you BBR for sending out to our home two painters that were very polite and professional. They did a magnificent job inside and outside and cleaned up every day before leaving. We very much appreciated their efforts.’

-Jackie S